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Testimonials from Celebrities for Dr. Latham's Get Psyched

Dr. Latham also works with several celebrity clients as they try to balance their highly complicated lives. Here is what a few of these high powered celebrities say about his techniques:

Robert Van Winkle gets psyched "I now have a better understanding how to approach each day."
Robert Van Winkle

Margot Kidder gets psyched "Lanny's 7 Steps to Living a Better Life opened up a whole new world for me."
Margot Kidder

Wayne Storm gets psyched "After working with Lanny, I am less paranoid about my neighbors."
Wayne Storm
from "Tanglin' Hearts" and "The A-Team"

David Ogden Stiers gets psyched "Dr. Latham is good."
David Ogden Stiers
from "Arli$$"

Christopher Jones gets psyched "Lanny helped me block out all of the harmful toxins floating around in my living room."
Christopher Jones
from "E! True Hollywood Story"

Testimonials for Dr. Latham's Get Psyched

Dr. Latham can help clients for a number of problems including: stress, weight loss, dating, money, SAT score, shuttle run time, and more. Just take a look at what his clients have to say:

"Dr. Latham changed my whole perspective on life."
Benjamin Kittridge

"After meeting with Dr. Latham, I broke the South Carolina state record on my psych-o-dometer."
Ed Gruber

"I didn't score very well on my antipsychedification test. So I contacted Dr. Latham as quickly as possible. Since then, my life has severely been altered."
Jan Carlick

"Dr. Latham once kicked me in the gonads."
Ric Silver

"Contrary to popular belief, Dr. Latham is not a douchebag."
Craig Garry

"Lanny does not deserve to be sued."
Fred Silverman

"Can I get the pie tin back? I hope you followed my recipe! Love you!"

"Before Dr. Lantham, I never thought I could be more than I was. Now, I Get Psyched every day, and I feel more like a real person. Thanks for giving me my life back, Dr. Lantham."
Pat Baer

"Lanny made me feel bad about my urges to rub myself on the cat without making me feel "bad". Lanny is a saint amongst men."
Hilbert Langhorne

"Doctor Latham's exercises and a get psyched coffee mug showed me how to crank this Marshall to 11. Now I don't drink coffee, I AM coffee. Get PSYCHED!"
Chris East

"I wasn't psyched. Then I did 27 shuttle runs and I feel so much more psyched."
Dr. Lamplugh

keese reene

"Lanny saved my marriage and my life. Thanks, Doc! Without you, I'd be better off dead..."
Swanson DeBergliano

"I should have jumped."
Steve DiRado

"He made me love myself, over and over again. Until I was totally Psyched!"

""Of all the people through whom I've attempted to better my life, Dr. Latham ranks above Ghandi, Christ, and nearly all of Phil Collin's back catalogue! Also, he has terrific molars!""
Dr. Ignacio Cassidy, DDS

"I am soooo psyched right's unbelieveable, seriously, I'm WAAAAY PSYCHED!!"
Scott N.

"Dr. Uh...anyways, He made me so PSYCHEED, that I started bathing again. My crotch no longer stinks. Thanks Doc! "
CoCo LoCo

"Thanks to Dr. Latham, we kicked AIDS in the balls. Man, he had us all so psyched. We were continually pumping it up and going for it, while maintaining good hydration levels. Thank you, Dr. Latham, thank you!

Son of a b, just thinking about how psyched we were as a group has completely made me psyched in the present tense! I'm gonna go enjoy!"

A Supersnacker

"Before Dr. Lanny, I was only psyched when under the influence of hard liquor and soft women. Today, damn, AM I PSYCHED! I go through at least three pairs of pants daily, I'm so psyched. It's that good, man. PSYCHED!!!!"
Albert Fish

"Lanny Latham stole the trashcans out of my room on the Big Red Boat after a 29 hours session of getting psyched. I got put under house arrest. Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi!!!"
Bahama Mama

"Three months ago I was experiencing a case of Antipsychedification. I was 500lbs, washing my dishes in a bathtub. I realized I needed help. Dr. Latham answered my call. Now I'm doing shuttle runs every day, I've reconciled with my ex-girlfriend, and I wash my dishes in the new handy-dandy dishwasher. Thank You Dr. Latham!"
J.J. Rice

"I was lonely and needed someone to talk to... I thought I couldn't go on.
Then I found Dr. Latham - and now I'm totally PSYCHED!"

James, London

"I was eating out of the river.....and Dr. Latham swam up and pulled me in. He yelled at me under water for, what it seemed like, minutes!! When he let me up above water, I saw something I had never seen Yeah, life. I see life everyday now too. I now have jobs, friends, and boats. I couldn't express enough thanks to Dr. Latham. I am so siked!!! I mean, psyched!! "
Bob Shaw

"After someone cut me in line at the bank, I thought my life was over. Dr. Latham showed me how QUICK HANDS can decrease my level of antipsychedoxins. I could not believe it, but I am SO PSYCHED all the time! Now, the next time someone tries to cut me in line, I will silently follow them home, kidnap them, and then torture them until they can become as PSYCHED AS I AM RIGHT NOW

Balls Mahoney

"Hi, I'm in one of Dr. Lathan's seminars right now. Here's my testimonial 5 minutes in:

I used to be color blind. No, I don't mean I would hire people totally irrespective of their skin pigmentation. I mean I could see only in black and white. But after just five minutes at one of Dr. Lathan's seminars, I was able to see not only the full spectrum of electromagnetic radiation-- including infra-red, gamma rays, and xrays (and when the air conditioning kicked in a couple seconds ago, even some of the famed cosmic background radiation!)--but also I could see glimpses of the future.

Now I know when I'm going to die and in what grisly circumstances! How did I even get trapped in that church bell in the first place and why was it being transported over a volcano? That's what I really want to know! HA! But maybe another 5 minutes will help reveal the answer.

Thanks Dr. Lathan! I'm looking at you right now, Dr. Lathan! HI! HELLO! HI! YES, ME WITH THE LAPTOP! HI! I'M WRITING YOU A TESTOMONIAL RIGHT NOW! I KNOW, FUNNY RIGHT? OH, YOU'RE RIGHT, IT'S "testImonial." THANKS!"

Sean Crespo

"At a tender age I was stricken with Down Syndrome. All the neighborhood children would taunt me,calling me names like "Downy" or "Syndromy" or "Gus." Not even the delicious crickets I would eat in my backyard would comfort me. In an effort to become smarter,I would even resort to eating human brains. I am so ashamed to admit it now. Of course,at the time ,what I thought were "human brains" were,in reality,more crickets....hey, I had Down Syndrome.

However, once I saw that episode of Barney Miller, my life was changed! It literally exorcised the large-tongued extra chromosome from my body! That old, Asian-looking guy? Hilarious!! Abe Vigoda? More like Babe Vigoda! Thanks to that show, I am now the THIRD best at Wii Bowling in my entire household!
Now,whenever someone teases me about my past mental deficiency, I reply by saying, "Oh yeah? Would a retarded person do this?" Then I rape them.

Thanks Barney Miller!"

Anton Supreme

"Tits/psyched=left nutz!!!"
Chaz MacSweeny

"Growing up, I've always had feelings of sexual attraction towards members of the same sex. Now I supress those feelings by getting PSYCHED!!! Thanks a million Dr.Latham!!!"
Dick Mann

"With the help of Dr. Latham, I gained 4 pounds, divorced my wife, and became sexually involved with a herd of sheep! All suggested by Dr. Latham. Thanks!"
J. "Genitals" Nittles

"My previous life coach thought "getting psyched" would only mask the very real problems I was having. Dr. Latham taught me that my previous life coach probably just needed to do some shuttle runs to get over his negativity. Pump it up!"
S. Phultz

"As a woman, getting psyched always seems so far down on the list of priorities!! With the kids, the hubby, the pool boy, the girl scouts and volunteering at the Knitters for Kittens Centre...oh pooh, I forgot what I was going to say. Anyway the gals from the Magnolia Bar Lunch Bunch and myself went to see Dr Latham and had a blastaroo! My husband can't believe how psyched I am!!!! Thankx!!!!!!!!"
Listeria Watts

"Dr. Latham blew my mind hole wide open. Now my brain oozes psycheditude."


"I'm pretty bad at cornhole even though I try to make everyone think that I'm great. Thanks to Dr. Latham's quick hands training I've become marginally better but I'm still a TAD."

"Dr. Latham is the DOPEST JAM!"
Ian Karoshi

"There was a time when I was, shall we say, less than totally psyched.

I mean, I had terminal cancer and was in hospice care awaiting my own demise in just a matter of weeks! And before that, my wife left with our two year-old for some hot, young, rich prick in another state who used his vast amount of money and far-reaching influence to have people torture me in a basement for six months, all because I was physically abusive to her and our child.

I know, right? Talk about a very unpsyched state of affairs.

Yup, they cut off my pecker and made me watch while they fed the severed thing into this huge industrail paper shredder so I could see it getting all chopped up and mutilated just like they did to my ears, nose, little fingers, right eyeball, left rear molars, tongue, one kidney, my dog, "Bonkers," and the complete upper half of my brother Larry's exumed corpse (he died two years ago in Iraq).

Wow, like, Hello! Can somebody call 1-800 NOT PSYCHED here? Yesiree, I thought I couldn't get more unpsyched until they told me the wife and kid had been murdered too (and showed me pictures of the bodies).

So there I am in hospice care, seriously not psyhed, when a nurse showed me one of Dr. Latham's videos.

Ho boy did THAT change things!

One year later I'm SOOOOO PSYCHED (you have no idea) and show no signs of slowing down! Anytime I feel myself getting sad that I'm now an earthbound restless spirit wandering for an aimless eternity in the abandoned shanty that was once my home during happier times as a child before my dad started his "daily rapes," I just do shuttle runs through the molding walls and rotting beams and boards of this godforsaken place until I get PSYCHED UP YEAHHHHH! YEE HAW! WAAAAHHHHOOOOO!"

Billy "Psyched" McFee

"where are all the hot lesbo's in the chat room?"

"High five, Rob- uh, I mean, Dr. Lanny! You have got me totally psyched for today! YEAH! Let's spread the psych, dudes!"
NYC Resident

"will this really be posted?"
art student

"Dr. Lanny Latham you rock. My life is now psyched because of you. Quick hands,
Oscar Rizzo"

Uncle Oscar

"We have replaced the 12 step program with Dr. Latham's 7 step program at my AA meetings...and everyone has never been more Psyched!"

"The thing that really did it for me is the Shuttle Runs!!!! I am so psyched, I wish this darn keyboard had a bigger explamation point key!!!!"
Dan from Kentucky

"OMG. I was SO unpsyched for years and years. You know, cuz Friends stopped running. And there was no more Dawson's Creek. But Dr. L made me realize that Gossip Girl is running. So me and my GF Tessa totally followed Doc's perscription for PSYCHEDNESS: Sex and the City, followed by Gossip Girl, chased with copius amounts of coke. I think that's the kicker. I get Psyched for HOURS."

"I used to spend entire days burying strange things in strange places, just to confuse future archeologists. For example, I once crammed a Furby into a top-loading VCR, and buried it with a civil war cannon filled with viagara and endangered elephant tusks, just to confuse and humiliate future archeologists that would show their findings to other future archeologist friends. But thanks to Dr. Latham, I no longer waste entire days in Central Park burying things, and I have a steady low-income job at an insurance company.

Thanks Dr. Latham! "

Chad Carter

"Before I heard of Dr. Latham, my life really sucked. I was living my life with my family, with a steady job and three small children. With the Dr.'s help, I now wrestle lions EVERYDAY! Thank you, Dr. Latham, for making me TOTALLY PSYCHED!"
Moxina Cadiston

"Dr. Lanny cured my erectile disfunction. It turns out that Getting Psyched! is directly connected to erectile function... oh, and Fast Hands of course! I'M BACK BABY!!! YEAH!!! "
Robert Parker